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Peace in our time… A way forward

Peace in our time… A way forward

It appears that we are at a very difficult moment for our world and potentially for all the beautiful people here on this planet. And though peace should ideally be on our daily agenda no matter what is happening in the world, perhaps more now than ever in recent...

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Turning points…

Turning points…

Every moment has within it the potential to create a turning point in our lives, and being aware of that and prepared for it when it comes, is, for me, an exciting ongoing challenge, mystery, joy – an unfolding of time and possibility… a moment when the things become...

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Your life jacket knows which way is up…

Your life jacket knows which way is up…

I know I’ve written about this before – it’s in one of my books, though I can’t remember which at the moment.  So please forgive me if I’m boring you. About twenty years ago, I was going canoeing on the Zambezi River.  It was a fairly clear and peaceful stretch, but...

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Inspirational Leadership and Responsible Communication.‘This was a very inspiring course - a great mixture of theory, examples, exercises and discussion. And as usual, Brenda's wonderful way of delivering the things, as well as the atmosphere in the group, made it very special. Nowhere else you will find anything similar, and I am so happy that I could attend THIS course.

S.R. Germany

‘This was a fantastic course in leadership and good communication. Each module was exciting and balanced in theory, exercises, examples and discussions. The atmosphere was very motivating and inspiring thanks to Brenda's unique art. For me, it was very special to have a combination of the spiritual aspects in leadership together with theory. The course motivated me to work even more on myself and reflect positively on my motivation and my life.’

L.L, Germany.

‘What makes this course unique for us is Brenda’s genuine role model in all forms of communication.’

 V.L. Germany

‘Brenda’s living example, helps me see the world as a supportive matrix and thus in an optimistic and hopeful way. Thanks, Brenda for sharing your leadership skills with us.’

M.D. Germany

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