Peace in our time… A way forward

It appears that we are at a very difficult moment for our world and potentially for all the beautiful people here on this planet. And though peace should ideally be on our daily agenda no matter what is happening in the world, perhaps more now than ever in recent times, every one of us is called to work actively for peace.

We are witnessing and probably feeling such a broad spectrum of emotions, much of it confusing, all of it complex and concerning, and I for one have been soul searching and asking what I can do to be of most use at this time. Many people with whom I’ve been talking have said that they feel unworthy and unequipped to do anything useful. I disagree. We are all scarred, we all carry burdens of the past and ideally, we will be working on these. But we need to acknowledge that if we wait until we are completely healed before we feel able to do any good, we will render ourselves useless for much of this lifetime. No matter what burdens we still carry, we must do our best. So, what could that be?

My by-line on peace and peace work is that peace is not the province of politicians but the potential of every human heart. So, the heart we need to begin with is our own – finding our capacity to heal, to forgive, to let go of judgement and in its place find compassion, empathy and unconditional love. This enables us to find peace in our own relationships, our own lives, our own community, so that we can be tools for peace in the world. Maybe each of us could look at finding harmony, balance and calm within ourselves, learning to use non-violent communication, let go of any tendency towards passive aggression, learn to be self-assertive rather than aggressive and to speak our truth without fear. This will enable us to carry harmony and peace within us, radiate it around us and take it with us wherever we go. Perhaps we learn to meditate and/or pray in whatever way feels acceptable and comfortable.

Maybe we can get to the awareness that those making aggressive, war-like moves in the world have their own wounds and that those impulses are evidence of that. They have more than enough anger, bitterness, hatred and pain already. Please let’s not send them more. That will only whip up even more destruction. What they need is more love, light and peace to help neutralise their negativity, bitterness and fury. That’s where we can all help.

Though our hearts may be breaking with the exquisite pain of seeing a whole people fighting for their dignity, their lives, their families, their freedom, and of course, we must send them love and light and strength and peace, let us be aware of the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the aggressors. That is the only way to help this stop. So please join with me and…

Let us ask that there will be peace in the hearts of us all.

Let us ask that politicians and policymakers who hold our lives and security in their hands make good decisions on our behalf. Let us ask that good common-sense, honesty, truth, wisdom and justice guide them. Let each of us play our part in bringing peace and healing to the world. Let us ask that we can all live in peace with hope and respect for each other whatever colour, race, creed, age, gender or political persuasion. Let us send love, light and healing to ALL involved.

Let there be peace, let there be light, let there be love never-ending.
With love, light and respect – and in peace…

February 2022

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